Feature request: clip name as string

  • Hi
    Maybe there is way to do this, but I can not figure it out.
    I want to have a clip name as a string. For example coming out of the media index actor. Currently if you connect the media index to for example a text formatter, all you get is the number. The actual textstring is dropped.
    The same for the scene name would be good too.
    This is useful for text overlays in test runs and for the control interface.
    thank you
  • Tech Staff

    Yeah, I haven't found a way to do this, and remember a previous thread related that I am pretty sure ended with a 'not currently'
    Maybe via a custom plugin?

  • Dear Fubbi + DusX,

    It's not a big job... it's just that I'm working so furiously on the new release, anything extraneous is kind of out of bounds. But stick with me, and if I find a slot of time I'll do it. You'll just have to bump occasionally to get it.