• Hi all,

    I've been active lately with weird issues!
    I'm extending out to 5 stages with a mbp 10.6.8 4gb 1067 mhz ddr3 (my older machine, which has always been good to me) and a triplehead2go and a startech usb to vga (I do this all the time).  This has been working fine but -- all of a sudden -- when I go to Forced Stage Preview I only get Stages 2, 3, and 4 and not Stage 1 and 5\.  Stage 1 is actually the laptop screen (ill advised, I know) and Stage 5 is the startech.  But it was all working fine and then when I switched to different monitors in my studio, rather than the performance space, this happened.  I've looked for them hidden between screens and all over the place and just can't find them.  There's not some tricky Isadora gather windows shortcut or something is there?  They also don't appear when I use Expose.  
    Anybody have any thoughts?  It's slowing me down tons.

  • Try disconnecting everything and then force your stage preview. You should end up with all your stages on your main display.
    Worst case, memorize your isadora pref settings and move the preference file out of the preferences folder, that should get you back to defaults I think.