• Hey Everybody.
    I am pretty sure this can be done, but have been racking my brains on the how... perhaps those with more experience might offer some thoughts.

    I have been using izzy with a Korg MicroKontrol and a Cyberpak, through OSC and my iphone to control four channels of lights, (a cyberpak patch I received from Ryan H a while back) that works great.

    The challenge - I can no longer use the mac mini that was sitting beside the cyberpak which was used to receive the OSC commands and via Isadora, send the midi messages via a usb UNO to the cyberpak.

    I recently purchased a MidAir wireless midi unit that I wish to connect to my main mac and transmit the entire process above via the MidAir to the cyberpak.

    I am confused on the signal flow.
    Right now I have the usb UNO connected to the mac, and the output of the UNO going into the Korg MicroKontrol keyboard midi-in.
    From there I connected the MidAir transmitter to the midi-out of the Korg, and plugged the receiver of the MidAir into the cyberpak midi-in.

    This doesn't appear to be correct.

    Part of the brain twist for me, is the MidAir transmitter has a male midi-out -- as does the UNO.
    The only way I can see to get midi signals from the mac out to the MidAir transmitter is using the Korg midi-in and out.

    Not certain how to setup the midi in/out on Isadora with this scenario either.

    Anyway, I hope that's enough to give you an idea of what I am trying to do. As always, any ideas are most appreciated.

  • Tech Staff

    1. Are you use the Korg to control Isadora and Cyberpack or do you only want to control the Cyberpack?

    2. The midi signal that comes into the Korg doesn't leave the device through midi out but via midi thru. Midi out is only for signals coming from the Korg itself.

    So if you only want to control the Cyberpack via Korg you don't need a computer for it. Just connect the transmitter to the midi out of the microKontrol.
    If you want to control the Cyberpack via Isadora connect the usb UNO to the midi IN and the transmitter to the midi thru of the microKontrol.


  • Hey Michel.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I do wish to control the Cyberpak through Izzy via OSC as I did when they were connected directly to the mac mini.

    I am really new to using midi - and don't see a physical plug on the back of the Korg that says "midi-thru".
    I have snooped the google, and found that the Korg does support midi-thru - and some other forum posts about powering the Korg via usb or by batteries seems to make a difference in this scenario as well.

    Can you explain how the Korg turns into a midi-thru?
    Thanks again, much appreciated!

  • Alternatively... if I just used the Korg - would I program the Cyberpak to know which pads or controllers from the Korg are connected to what light channels? Like I said, reeeally new to midi :-) I also have a MidiSport 4x4 router, since I am only using midi-thru, would this be of value rather than the Korg? I know this isn't a midi forum, so thanks for any feedback.

  • Tech Staff

    This is what the manual says on page 13.

    When you use the MicroKontrol as USB-MIDI interface, you can connect a MIDI device to the MIDI OUT connector, and send messages to it from you computer. Set the power switch at the back to USB.
    When its been used as MIDI interface its MIDI OUT will transmit the data received via USB. MIDI messages transmitted by the encoders and other controllers of the MicroKontrol itself will not be transmitted from the MIDI OUT connector.

    So in this mode you have your MIDI THRU, and you can connect the Korg directly via USB with your computer. I don't know the MidiSport but give it a try maybe it works.

    And don't forget, you have to send Midi signals not OSC.


  • I took me awhile to go through it, but I got her to work.
    I have yet to try the midisport, but will save that for another day.

    Thanks very much.