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    Wondering if anyone has experience with the ENTTec DMX controller?  We're trying to control some lighting fixtures, but not getting any send from Isadora and I'm scratching my head as to why.  Ports are enabled with OSC at 1234, and the device is recognisable from the web interface / MaxMSP.  However, would like to make a simple light control.  See attached screenshot.

    Any thoughts / help would be great.  I think it's an easy fix that we're just missing ... 


  • Get the ENTTEC User Actor Demo in this thread:

    It does the job well. Read the comments to understand.
    Best Wishes,

  • What model entecc are you using, looking at your image you are sending midi and osc but neither of these will work with the supported entec devices. Only the USB to serial DMNX devices will work (namely the USB DMX pro). By the looks of it you are sending OSC as you have an Artnet device is this correct? Artnet is not currently supported by Isadora.