Any help would be appreciated for a newbie :)

  • I am creating a project for university and am trying to do one of two things (depending on what is easiest). I have so far managed to get 2 videos to play through a mixer, the mix amount is controlled by an envelope generator that gets triggered by a position in one of the videos.

    Now using a live input of a webcam i want to either :

    A) have no big movements left or right cause the video to play at a faster speed. But a big movement slows the video down again. 

    B) A big movement left or right causes the position of the video to jump back 

    Also how do i control the output from a live capture so that significant movements only trigger an effect not all the small constantly changing movements. 
    If anyone has a suggestion as to how I could do this it'd be super appreciated! The project just requires me to use a live input, i'd like to use the webcam however if there is another live input which would be easier to use then i'm open to suggestions 
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  • for Duet for Three ( i used a really simple system of Difference actor into Calc Brightness actor into a Selector actor which controls the speed of the Movie Player.

    the Smoother actor will probably be very helpful
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    I would recommend @dbini 's idea, but with the substitution of the 'Measure color' actor for the 'Calc Brightness' actor. It will give you an easy way to watch a region of the video input.Copy the entire chain of actors that are your Motion Detection, paste, adjust to watch the other side, and feed the same live feed in (beware not to duplicate the Difference actor part.. this only needs to be used once)

  • the difference/calc brightness is the way to go. the image gets brighter when there movement increases. it works with any camera and ist just awesome, blew my mind first time I tried it back in the day.