Edge blend color & gamma questions

  • Edge blends reacts to color very differently and I am wondering how you guys deal with this. 
    In an example with solid colors it will look absolutely seamless in green and turn into a disaster on yellow or white.
    Any thoughts?

  • Hi, the way edge blend works isn't based on gamma alone. Rather it uses the colors rgb (thats what comes from the projector). So in order to get a proper edge blend, apart from gamma adjustments (which do come into play) you'll need to access the red, green and blue parameters as well. Some projectors have edgeblend built in. Its important to get the same type of projectors. If your projectors aren't equipped with this technique, you"ll have to resort to dedicated software and preferably one which supports Syphon if you want to run yr show from within Isadora. There's Quartz Composer patches, Resolume Arena and Blendy. I understand Millumin has a built-in feature as well. Hope this helps

  • Oh yes and I forgot to add the type of projector should be a consideration as well. DLP usually does a better job than LCD based projectors.

  • We suspected that was the case. For my understanding, is it a global adjustment based on the projectors nature or a scene to scene content based adjustment?

  • ....i have good experience -> first doing the colour adjustment of all the projectors which are in the setup -they all should have the same white, red, green, blue... than also the colours of the content on both sides of each softedge should be the same and this is a good base for the softedge - the result also depends from the surface or screen -there are screens out wich have good light division and are especialy developed for softedge...

  • With Bodo on this one, that's what I tried to say in a very abbreviated manner ;) of course there are also other software packages out there and hardware based solutions. The edge blend and colour matching your projectors should be regarded as 'calibrating your screen'; you create one big seamless screen. Once that has been set up properly, it's content-independent (there, I think I just made up a new word!)

  • thanks guys. its 19 projectors in this case so lots of fidgeting to look forward to... my dream is to do it all over pjLink but I am not having much success with that. but that is another thread.

  • Which brand of projector are you using? Never had any problems with Panasonics and PJLink. Happy to help if I can

  • hey fubbi - do you use the soft edge of the projector? - i have always good results with the build in edge blending tool of panasonic...

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    Should this be in the pro section @fubbi?

  • @skulpture I checked with Mark before posting. No :)

    @bodo the built in softedge is kind of useless with the amount of distortion and mapping we have.
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    Cool just checking @fubbi :)

  • @fubbi: i just used it on a curved screen where i had a lot of distortion - as long as you have a strait horizontal or vertical line after the warping / mapping you can use it -because you can say on which horitontal or vertical pixel (on the projector panel) the softedge starts...in case you have angular lines - yes - it is useless...