• I have a show order set up to jump from scene to scene with a 10 second fade.

    I've set my android phone up to communicate with Isadora using the app TouchOSC over the same wifi network. 
    When I trigger the jump on my phone, the fade will occasionally not work. It jumps without a fade. 
    When I use the computer's physical keyboard, the fade works every time.
    Any known issues with TouchOSC and Isadora?

  • Dear Alex,

    I am almost certain you are triggering the Jump actor twice. Remember, when you press a button, it sends a '1', but also sends a '0' when you release it.
    The solution is to use the Compartor actor to compare the incoming value to '1'. Connect the output of the OSC Listener to the 'value 1' input of the comparator. Set 'value 2' to '1'. Ensure that the mode is set to 'eq' for "is equal to." Then, when you press the button, the 'true' output of the Comparator will send a trigger.
    Best Wishes,

  • Mark! That fixed it! Thank you sooooo much!