AV Looper - Core/Bidule Users Only!

  • I've just made an AV Looper which I thought I'd share.
    It uses Plogue Bidule as an AU plug in and Bangnoise's Quartz Composer Video Sampler Plug-In so its Isadora Core/Plogue user's only which I guess is pretty niche.

    For the rest of you creating a ram disk and setting the captured media folder to somewhere on it is the best I can come up with.

    Here it is anyway. Any problems let me know.

    The video part is the Sampler Plugin Written by bangnoise (Tom Butterworth)
    You can get it from here: 


  • Thanks, looks really interesting... some of the work produced with bagnoise's sampler (http://www.adt.org.au/proximity) seems quite spectacular. Some similarities with the Uncles & Angels show I have been working on, described in an earlier post, but I did not go via Quartz... looking forward to checking the looper out.