• Hi All,

    I am now very near a show opening.  I have been using a livefeed with Epocam and an iphone and the very handy Syphon to Video actor running the Epocam viewer in the background with very good effect.  Now recently Epocam has been causing Isadora to crash completely on one show computer (to the point it won't even open) and crashing Isadora in the scene following our Epocam scene (as we leave the scene) in the other show computer.  The first is a MacBook Pro (2009) running OSX 10.6.8 with 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 gigs of Ram; the second is a MBPr (2013) running OSX 10.9.2 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 with 8 gigs of Ram.
    Epocam at this points is really crucial to the show, so I really need to troubleshoot this.  Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Dear @jrhooker,

    Are you using the newer Syphon version of Epoccam? Or the older one, that appears in the Live Capture Settings. (It sounds like the Syphon version, but I wanted to check.)
    When you say "now recently..." it has started crashing, it begs the question: did you do anything else to your system that might have led to this behavior? Or could it be the Isadora patch has changed in some significant way?
    You can send me the crash reports -- use the applet found here: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/65/bug-reports-guidelines -- I'll examine them and let you know what I find out.
    Best Wishes,

  • on Izzy 2.0.0b4 I can see the image on the Epoccam viewer pro but if I quit (or not) it and select it on the Izzy input it does not appear although it shows an image on the mini ipad. On Izzy it show me only the blue computer and phone icons... so, there seem to be an acknowledgement of connection with Isadora but no image except on the pad...

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    I tried it with "syphon to texture", "syphon to image" and "syphon to video" and all work fine for me. Any other information on your side? What are you using?


  • @Michel sure, if use Syphoner, (which I have to buy) it would work or if I use desktop to Syphon :-) but it used to work straight to Isadora from the Epoccam driver, all I needed to do was selecting Epoccam on the video input... not any more

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    @bruper Epoccam didn't update their mac beta drivers for ages. They don't work for me since quite a while. The new Epoccam viewer pro has a built in syphon server so you don't have to buy third party softare just use the Isadora "syphon to .." what ever actors. Best Michel

  • @Michel Ok sorry, now it works and Thank you!!

  • Just as an FYI, I just installed and tested Epocam on 10.8.5 with the latest version 2.0 izzy beta and it works.
    The new epocam driver sends the image to isadora as a syphon stream. So it will not show up in the Live Capture window.

    Setup is simple
    Phone and computer on same network
    Start epocam app on phone
    Start epocam application on computer
    Start Isadora and place a Syphon to video or Syphon to image actor.
    Click on the actors input parameter and select the epocam syphon stream.
    Connect to a projector.