• Hy,
    I have a macro with several 3d rect project inside.
    My question is:
    Is there a way to render all the macro into an image o video?
    I mean can i go out from this macro with a video output?
    Thank you for support!!

  • I believe the projectors are the end of the road. If you do all your transformations with user actors connected to the output of a movie player you can add a user output as you final node inside your macro. You can also record your stage output and import it as a clip (not realtime).

    There are some wacky ways of doing it with syphon going out and back in I guess.

  • i don't have my Izzy machine on at the moment, but i think i remember a solution for you. If your 3d Actors have a video out, then connect this to a User Output - this will give you a video out from the Macro. If your 3d Actors are rendering direct to stage, but you want video out - there's a  parameter in there that you can change from Stage to Renderer. put a 3D Renderer actor in the Macro and connect this to a User Output. (its a good idea to set the rendering res with a Stage Size actor, and make sure your renderer channels match)

    hope this works,
  • Izzy Guru

    Yes have a look at 3D Renderer.  :)

  • Thank you guys!!
    It's actually working :))

  • just need to set up some connections between macro and 3d projector,but changing from stage to rendering was the solution :))

  • it looks like now the macro is rendered in 2d,while it was actually in 3d.....

  • Izzy Guru

    Yes it will do. So any 3D lighting will need to be inside the Macro.

  • hum,i've tried like that but it is still actually not working.
    The macro that is now entering as a video into a 3d rect proyector is actually not 3d any more,also adding a 3d light inside macro.

    Maybe i need to render the stage instead of proyecting it directly.
    I'll try this way,or if something different come out on your mind just tell.
    Thank you!! :))

  • nothing has changed,since the 3d renderer needs a projector too,so the problem persists.....
    i think there's something wrong cause a projector is a projector any way,and it can only project a screen,even if it is 3d,that just means can be moved in a 3d space....