• Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to use some 3D objects in Isadora. But Isadora only accepts .3Ds files. 
    I'm working on Mac and can't install 3DsMax without emulate Windows (what I'd like to avoid).
    With Sketchup, there's a nice and easy solution by exporting .dae files, then import it in Quartz and create a standalone plugin for Isadora.
    But, since I'm on Maverick, Quartz never stop crashing when I import a .dae file. It seems Apple had completely give up Quartz debug and updating.
    The best thing to me would be to be able to import .dae files directly in Isadora. 
    Does anyone have a trick do do this?
    Mark, is it planed to integrate such object in Isadora? 
    Best to everyone.

  • Dear Matt,

    The 3D Model feature is not frequently used by users. So while I agree it would be great to import more formats, I can't say I'm putting any energy into this at the moment.
    But, you may find some (free) help with meshlab -- it converts lots and lots of 3D formats. Maybe you can convert the .dae file to 3DS with it.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff


    You can also download Blender to convert your .dae file to .3ds


  • Thank you Mark and Michel!

    I can imagine than a few people are using 3D objects... 
    But, sometimes, directors absolutely want that kind of effect in their play. 
    I'll try to use meshlab, that I didn't know and, thanks Michel, I forgot blender (not a 3D expert...)
    Still happy to see how efficient can be this forum.