Media Design and Practice Survey

  • Hello Isadora Community!

    In an attempt to better understand the current approaches of designers, artists, technicians, and media programmers Daniel Fine and Matthew Ragan are conducting a short survey of current practitioners. Specifically, their aim is to better understand the current state of the industry in order craft a collegiate curriculum for media design. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you might fit that description, and we’d like to know more about your process and approach in this complicated field. 
    Please take 15 minutes to complete a survey to help us learn more about how higher education can better serve the media designers of tomorrow. 
    [Media Design Survey](
    Thank you for helping us learn more about what makes this industry so exciting, and how we might help make it better. 
    Daniel Fine and Matthew Ragan

  • Tech Staff

    I will do this for you tomorrow matey :)

  • all done, that was pretty interesting. good luck with making the curriculum.

  • Thanks for contributing gents! The results are interesting so far, and it'll be exciting to share what we learn.

  • I did it. ;-)

    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff


  • Tech Staff


  • Done,
    best Stephan

  • Tech Staff

    Tweeted this for you also.

  • Done,

    I'd be interested about results statistics. Wan you please share that?

  • I'll fill up the survey once I get time over weekend but wanted to express my interest in the survey.  I had to come up with a syllabus recently and this would be really informative.

  • Done !

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