How to mask multiple user from Ni Mate?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to mask multiple users from a Syphon Feed coming from Ni-Mate.
    I'd like each user to mask a different texture or video as I already did with one user in this piece : [Indicible Camouflage](
    I thought it would be simple to try the Color ID mode in Ni Mate and create a user actor that pics up the specific
    ID colour to mask... Well It doesn't seem that simple.
    Do you guys have any idea to achieve this?
    Have a good evening
  • Izzy Guru

    Sounds to me like you need a colour tracking system?

    This might help get you started....

  • Hi Graham thanx for your answer and direction,

    this looks interesting but I have no idea how to program does conditions...yet
    It can be indeed very handy. I'm going to search for basics colour tracking tutorials.
    Any insight on triggering after detection?
  • Izzy Guru

    I don't think there are many 'basics colour tracking tutorials' i'm afraid. If you find any then please share.

    I did a simple one here:

  • Yes I remember your's I was just looking at it.

  • Izzy Guru

    Let us know how you get on. From what i've read and from how I interoperate it I believe it is do-able.

  • This is difficult to achieve easily. I would say you may well be better to use a combination of the normal masks as well as the skeleton tracking. You will have problems when the users cross over each other, but at least the skeleton ids will give you a coordinate reference for the bodys extremes. You could get the head, feet and hands and make a box around them and then display your mask image in that box and use the silhouette to mask that particular user.

    Getting 4 users reliably in a kinect view is difficult but if you limit the amount they move you will have an easier time. If you also don't let the users cross you will make it much easier. However if you do get users crossing and you are using the skeleton tracking as well you will know which user is in front and hence which to project on.
    Colour tracking in this case could do the same thing but it is slow and so far in Isadora CPU based. As well as this color tracking is generally done with HSL values, not RGB values. HSL is much easier and faster to analyse as you only really have to get the hue from a pixel, not all the values, tis however as far as I know is not implemented in Isadora.
    If you can cut the incoming image into 4 slices and separate the users based on their skeleton data you may be on the way to solving this.

  • Hi @Fred,

    thank you very much for this great explination.
    Indeed 4 users with the kinect is difficult.
    I'll try to to first get multiple users info into izzy from Ni-Mate.
    But I'm not sure how to select the appropriate user's cutout yet.
    Hum challenging... ;-)
    I'll keep you posted.
  • Izzy Guru

    I will be following this with interest!

    I do hope you get this working. In theory it's all possible - but as @Fred has also said it's difficult to achieve easily. 
    Please keep us updated :)

  • Sure @Skulpture @fred I'll keep you posted of how it goes.
    I'm a bit in the flou as we say in french.
    I'll create a blog post of the process if it's successfull :-)