Isadora not getting live video from Sony Handicam

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to get video in to izzy from a sony handicam. We previously had Isadora and the cam hooked up via a mac pro tower, where it worked great, but our IT dept replaced the tower with a macbook pro. Now Isadora recognizes that there is a camera (it shows up on the drop down list in the live feed controls) but it does not get a video feed. I just get a black box. Quicktime 10.2 gets video from the camera when Isadora is not running just fine, but when Isadora is running the camera does not show up as an option in QT, so I assume Izzy is hijacking the signal. 
    I get the FaceTime camera signal just fine in Isadora. I've tried restarting, changing the order of starting things up, all to no avail. 
    Any thoughts on how to get the video signal in would be much appreciated! Thank you - Frank Schneider
  • Izzy Guru

    Are you connecting it via fireWire?

  • The camera is FW out, which goes thru an adaptor into the thunderbolt in on the MBP. I also tried via my MB air, and it doesn't even see the camera. I can access the video in QT on both machines, so I know it is getting into the computer; just somehow Isadora isn't seeing it. I have restarted the machine and checked with izzy before opening QT, so I know it isn't a QT hijacking the signal problem.

    We are using IsadoraCore 1.3.0f24.