• Hi,

    Can anybody suggest a solution to this?
    I have a Wii controller that outputs the pitch value 0-127 and the values are constantly fluctiating slightly along that scale.
    I want to trigger an event when the value changes by more than 10.
    e.g. I hold the controller 'still' with a pitch value fluctiating between 55-58\. I want to send a trigger next time the pitch moves + / - 10. 
    I can't use inside range as the range needs to constantly change....

  • If Smoother will not do what you need I would Calculate(divide by 10) the value to the range of 0-12,7 to trigger next read (separate from the reading from the Wii if needed). You may need to add Float to Integer and something (like Scaler) to get accurate triggers.  56f66b-smoothing-test.izz

  • Dear @simon,

    The actor I would use in this situation is "Compare Guarded." You specify a range within which nothing happens; if it goes above or below this range, you'll get a trigger.

    In your case, I'd set 'low' to 53 and 'high' to 60 or something like that.

    The smoother is also helpful to get rid of the jitter, but will also (by its nature) introduce some amount of delay.