HELP / Isadora Crashes after 90 minutes playing

  • Hi,

    my work is currently in a show.
    But after a bit more then 90 minutes Izzy crashes where as Ni-Mate and Syphon keeps on runing. 
    I've generated the crashed file but don't really know what to inter prate besides :

    "Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)

    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000010"

    The installation runs on a MacMini 2.5 Ghz I5 - 10.8.3 - 10Gb Ram - IsadoraUSBKey 130f24

    I've attached the Apple crash report.

    Can someone help? crashing during the show isn't cool. But I don't know what I did wrong.

    Thank you


  • I'm curious what else is happening when Isadora crashes. If it always happens around 90 minutes maybe there is something else happening that forces that crash.

    For instance, I was capturing video for a performance to be played back later in the show. For a while every time I used the keyboard watcher to begin capture, Isadora would crash. After a lot of trouble shooting I realized that if I didn't delete the captured media from the last performance, it would cause the crash. Once I started to consistently delete the temporary captured media. I was good to go.

  • Hi Daniel,

    actually my patch has 9 scenes. The first 2 are an init that jumps to the 3rd scene where video is seen.
    Then the 2nd is dedicated to the sound. It detects the syphon feed from Ni-Mate and drives the sound.
    In each following scene the syphon feed is modified like [this](
    And each of the 7 scenes has a random actor that randomly selects one of the 7 scenes after 20 seconds.
    And this keeps on repeating itself. The sounds played are mp3 vie the movie player actor.
    This is it. 
    Maybe memory needs to be freed at a certain point?
    For 3 days now the crash is constant at the same time...
    Should I add my patch?

  • Dear @David,

    To answer your question: Isadora itself does't seem to actually be crashing; the crash is deep down inside some Quartz Composer plugin that is connected -- it seems -- to a Image to Video actor. Unfortunately I cannot tell you which plugin is crashing. Maybe that helps you to isolate the problem.
    If the plugin in question had some kind of "memory leak" -- where it is allocating memory and not releasing it, that could cause a build up on the graphics card that could lead to a crash. (I can't say for sure this is what's happening, but when things crash after a long duration, this is often the culprit.)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello  @David, could be syphon giving you all the trouble, had similar behaviors some year ago mentioned it here but no response, the CIactors and QC are not recommended to be used with Isadora it lowers the performance to 50% and less, the difference between QC and Isadora is: QC processes the image pixel by pixel, Isadora uses percentage 100% , my solution is the video actors including syphon to video perform well, all QC patches are run outside Isadora, signals are passed via syphon OSC midi ………. the result = no more such crashes. ;)

  • Hi @mark @rainbow thank you for your answers!

    I'm still searching for the solution.
    I'm currently replacing the QC and image to video actors besides the Syphon actor that's QC.
    Is there another Syphon actor that doesn't use QC?
  • Tech Staff


    If you download the newest pre-release Isadora supports syphon with its own actors, called "syphon to video", "syphon to image" or "syphon stage output".


  • Hi @Michel thanx indeed i'll replace it!