"Korg nanoKONTROL 2" actor for Isadora

  • Does anybody now, if the new series of the Korg nanoKONTROL (2) Midi-Controller work with the actor for the old version ("Korg_NANO_KONTROLLER_v2.iua")?
    Or is there already is any new actor for the current series?

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    hello benju,

    i'd put together the old korg user actor. I know of at least one person using it with the new midi-controller and it sounds like it's working fine.

    If you open the user actor there are notes indicating the midi control # assignments. You can just change those assignments to the new hardware (or if you've set a custom set of midi control #'s in the korg editor).




  • Hi,
    just redone the actor a bit for the right amount of knobs, sliders and buttons (NanoKONTROL2 has only 8 sliders but an extra row of buttons).
    Also added a file for the NanoKONTROL2 mapping of the MIDI.
    b89395-korg-nano-kontroller-v2.1.iua 91133a-isadora_nano2.zip

  • Hi !

    thanks for you user actors but I think I just don't know how to use this… I had the korg driver installed, the kontroler connected, and the user actor just showing sometimes strange behavior when using buttons and nothing's happening with sliders… I think I just need a notice, how do you use this control ? I can't find online a "how to" about that… maybe it's too simple ?
    thanks if somebody could help

  • correction : it's not that there's a "strange behavior" it's just that only knobs are going from 127 to 1 to 63 and that's it, nothing else is operating

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    Hi samuel,

    hmm. I'd start off making sure that you've got the midi channel assignments correct in the user actor, and, that there's no midi loop through happening.

    try this:
    1. restart everything (just for kicks)
    2. connect your kontroller
    3. open izzy and place the user actor into a new file
    4. In midi set-up, assign the kontroller to input port 1, and, all other input / output ports to none.
    5. open the status window , and watch the values / controller ID assignements for each control on the korg. At the same time, make sure that those line up with the channel & control ids you have set in the kontroller actor.
    6. watch in the status monitor whether the values coming through from the korg are going 0>127>0 as expected. If they aren't -- the problem is likely with the kontroller.
    7. If its the kontroller -- try resetting the kontroller assignment patch to its  default  with the korg editor.


  • Hi Ian,

    thanks for your help!
    I didn't know about the status monitor, everything's doing fine there, every movement of nanokontrol is ok… (except knob button that are just 127 - 1 or 63 values but this is maybe normal ?) so that means its the actor the problem ? I found 3 different actors, one old and 2 on this discussion. I use the 2.1 version and can't find out where does the problem comes from, do I have to use an "input" actor or something like that ? If you have any more idea, that would be very nice from you.
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    Hi Samuel,

    I'd say to be sure that you have the user actor enabled and double check the midi controller assignments that you've entered into the user actor.

    I just tried testing it w/ my korg and its working normally as far as I can see.

    Here's a slightly updated version with some configuration notes  to follow in case you aren't super familiar with configuring midi.

    One other note is that if the knob is showing only 1 and 127 you probably have changed some settings on your nano. take a look at the korg manual and set them back to default.

    You should also open up the user actor and take a look at the other notes if you're still having configuration problems
    good luck


  • Hi ian !

    thanks so much for your help, I'm beginning to understand things better ! I thought it was just plug and play user actor, I know now how to manipulate that and maybe lot more fun stuff !
    My nanokontrol was also to be reset to factory value as you said, I sure made things wrong like trying to update or something like that.
    Thanks for your help, here's à pastis from Marseille, cheers ! ;-)


  • Hey, I'm configuring the nanokontroller using the actor you posted here. The knobs are working fine, I could configure them using the numbers i found on the status screen. I can't configure the faders and buttons though.

    Do you have any idea what the problem is? I'm trying to use the Pitch numbers to assign controllers for the buttons. Status shows Pitch 8 to 15 on the first row, 16 to 23 on the second and 0 to 8 on the last row.