• Hi everybody

    i'm actually working with a patch that can make an audio-vidéo delay for live
    with a live camera input or simple 
    The result is far from being useful right now, 
    i found this http://www.zachpoff.com/software/live-video-delay/
    can we do something better or equal with isadora ? (in this max msp patch, we can change both control (audio and vidéo) at the same time)
    Thanks a lot
    Adolfo Kaplan

  • Dear Adolfo,

    Video delay is possible in Isadora; audio delay is really only possible if you are working on a Mac and have the Core Audio update. (If you have that, I can post further instructions on how to do the audio.)

    But also, each time you change the number of frames in the video delay, the output will go black.

    So maybe the Max patch is better.

    Best Wishes,

  • I have had success adding a Syphon server from Zach Poff's excellent Max patches, so that I can do everything else in Isadora.


  • Hey Mark

    thanks for the answer, yes i have the Core Audio. And i now how the audio delay works, but i have several problems when i change the duration because,  the temporal relation between frames and audio change all the time (mac retina processor 8 gigas ram).
    Lpearse, can you tell me more (my knowledge in programming are very  little, but if you try...)
    I send my patch for be more specific..
    Thanks a lot !
    Adolfo K


  • Hey another version of the patch (more clear) 74c1a9-audio-videodelay.izz