Artist's Report: Isadora + Epoccam + Duration

  • Dear All,

    Just wanted to post a big thumbs up here for Duration. This past weekend, a piece for which I created a live-video edit and some music was given a work-in-progress showing at Bedford University near-ish to London.
    I was moving on stage with the dancer/choreographer (Zoi Dimitriou -- this is her [website]( shooting the video of her using [Epoccam](, coming into Isadora via the Syphon to Image actor. The "camera" was an iPad mounted on the end of a stick, which allowed me interesting perspectives of Zoi as she performed. Zoi helped me to create a "choreography of capture", so that my presence as an observer/documentor would complement her movement, and make sense in terms of the piece itself.
    This live feed was captured to disk using a new actor you'll all get your hands on soon called Capture Stage to Disk. It's like the existing Capture to Disk actor, which captures the incoming video camera signal, but instead automates the process of recording the stage and then importing the result into the Media window.
    These captures were then "edited" together using by feeding values from [Duration]( into Isadora via OSC. Those values were controlling the intensity of the video clips (thus creating the "edit") as well as several sound parameters for the musical score I created. I've included a snapshot of the Duration screen.
    One thing that was super handy about duration was the fact you can start/stop it by sending it OSC messages. This allowed me to keep the Duration screen in the background, and to trigger playback from Isadora automatically.
    Both Duration and Epoccam worked flawlessly, and the piece came off well, so kudos and thanks to the creators of both apps. They were invaluable in to my process of creation.
    All the Best,


  • Thanks. Perfect confirmation of the strategy I am planning to use in a 12 hour performance festival on June 14. I was planning to reconstruct the Izzy patch I created at your workshop in Portland. I'm wondering if the new actor will be available before June 14th?

  • Dar @vanderzee,

    Yes, it will.
    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Platinum

    Capture stage to disk sounds cool :)

  • Nice one Mark, sounds like a good little project.