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  • for an upcoming production i would need a "page flip effect" back and forth and maybe across several pages ( images) anyone tried this in isadora?

    yes of course i could fake it in aftereffects but it should be interactive with the movement and somehow random.
    thanx for suggestions

  • there is a Quartz actor that does the page curl effect. 

    here is some info

  • Yes i found it but i just cant get it to work, would u mind to do a short example patch? would be great help!


  • Tech Staff

    Does the quartz actor show in Isadora? You need the Core Video upgrade in order to do so.

    You may need to publish inputs/outputs also. 

  • Hi guys, I went to that web site to download also, and there's no link for downloading and the signup login is bad too. I tried both Safari and Firefox.

    Did you download from another site?

  • Tech Staff

    Have a look at this. Open it in Quartz Composer first and see how you get on.

  • Wow, That was fast! Thanks.

  • Tech Staff

    We try our best here :)

  • This is a page curl. Is there perhaps a swipe/slide?

  • Never mind, I've manipulated it to look like a slide.


  • Tech Staff

    I was just about to say - I bet you can just turn the 'curl' bit off and make a slide like action. It's a start anyway.

  • @sculpture, i have the core video update, it shows as an actor..but i cant get it to work :

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