• Hi All !! some one who wants to share and explain the process, the needs (install something) and the chain process to get  for instance: real time video capture and processing - out put to skype via Syphon ? and the invert process ?

    Thank you very much as always
    max wille 

  • Isadora-> syphon ->camtwist -> skype. All info can be found searching and reading this forum - you will be best off searching and learning one step at a time. As for the inverse, it is a little less neat but skype-> syphon (via v002 screen capture) -> Isadora..

  • Add a fake extra-display to your mac and pipe its video content to use in your video workflow. This can be used i.e. to hijack video output of applications that can go full-screen but are not (yet?) Syphon-enabled.


    enjoy.. rainbow

  • Hi @maxiwille @Fred @rainbow there's this great and powerfull app called Syphoner
    It allows you to select the window you'll like to send to any syphon enabled program.
    I use it to capture Animata window and send it to Izz.

    I haven't tried it with skype yet but let me know if it works.
    Thanx to @skulpture for this one.