WETTERHAUS (mit Pflanze) von ON AIR/Frauke Havemann > 7\. Mai bis 24\. Mai 2014 in Berlin <

  • Hi All,
    this is a performance in Berlin that I have been working on for the past while.  We use Isadora for all the video and audio playback.
    Say hi after the show, and we can have a drink at the bar.  (The piece is in German and isn't translated for those non-German speakers).

    Hope to see some of you there,


    Here is a link to the trailer:

    Premiere: 7. Mai 2014 um 20:30 Uhr
    Weitere Vorstellungen: 8. - 10.5., 15. - 17.5. und 22. - 24.5.2014, jeweils 20:30 Uhr
    Spielstätte: AULA Milchhof | Schwedter Str. 232, Berlin-Mitte
    Karten: 10€/8€ erm.
    Reservierung: | 030 - 36466940

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