Video Processing Designer Position - Amsterdam - Fall 2014

  • Hello,

    My colleague and I are developing a performance piece that explores the socio-political issues of visibility in the experimental performing arts in Europe today. 
    Our format is a kind of parody structure of the Lecture Performance genre which in the piece itself, works with interactive video and sound, extensively. 
    We have performed developing iterations of this project in Dusseldorf. In the fall we will be developing it much further. 
    We are looking for a person **well-experienced with Isadora** to be a part of our creative team in the fall period -- who can participate in developing this project into more complex territory. Building patches, finding interesting solutions and artistic proposals to complex sequences, etc. 
    Working dates in Amsterdam TBD. Performances are scheduled for November in the Het Veem Theater Amsterdam. 
    The **Video Processing Designer is a compensated position**. Must be available to work in Amsterdam in a hands-on way with the Co-Creators of the piece, in the fall. 
    Our project is funded by German and Dutch public sources. 
    Please write me at:  and [at] andharbor [dot] com with a link to your website and copy of CV if possible. 
    Thank you
    Andrew Fremont-Smith
    NYC May 7