• Hello all and nice to be back after so long…

    Well, recently I was invited (or rather obligated) to give a Isadora Workshop by the end of this month. Even though I'm no power user, I think I'm one of the few that uses this wonderful software…
    Since we'll be talking to complete beginners and the event is focused in Video-Dance, I though of the following topics to approach:
    - Isadora Logic's
    How the program works, the idea of object oriented programing, scaling values, etc.
    - Audio and Video
    How Isadora handles audio and video files, how to input files and live feed, Epoccam, Projecting, Mapping
    - Video FX
    Some of the basic effects we can apply to video, chain of effects
    - Inputs
    Ways of controlling Izzy, Arduino, OSC, Midi, Wiimote
    - Others apps
    Izzy and QC, Izzy outing commands
    - Tracking
    Basic motion and color tracking
    Well, that was my idea at first… Considering that I'll be talking to people complete new to Izzy and we're focused on WHAT Izzy can do rather than HOW to do…
    Do you guys think I'm missing something? Or maybe I'm doing too much?
    Thanks in advance
  • Izzy Guru

    I do a lot of this stuff and all I can say is it can take a lot longer than you expect. People like to try stuff out rather just sit and watch/listen. I am not suggesting you were not going to do this but just wanted to say anyway. So leave time for experimentation... I call it "tinker time" in my session plans.
    Tracking - There isnt really a "basic" ;) I am not being awkward but its quite an advanced topic. You will need to explain the principles behind it and the limitations. Blob tracking, background subtraction, etc may need to be covered and is quite heavy for a non motion tracking/isadora user.
    I have spent 4-6 hours along doing sessions on motion tracking. Colour tracking even more so. It's tricky to teach and definitely to non-isadora users.

    If they are dancers they are likely to be more interesting in effects, controlling media, controlling lighting interactively, sound and gesture, triggers (physical and virtual).

    In summary: maybe a little too much for one day and non-isadora users. I think a you could either remove or narrow right down (<30mins) on 'other apps' and maybe tracking. I understand your comments about: WHAT Izzy can do rather than HOW to do' BUT I guarantee you they want to see it in action and want to know how to do it :)

    Everyone has a different way of teaching so take my suggestions lightly - but know that I have been teaching isadora for many many years!

  • Thanks @Skulpture… actually this will be my first Isadora workshop, I once gave a mini-class, but nothing like this.

    I forgot to tell that it's going to be two days, and the second day it's going to be only experimentation… We actually decide to divide them into groups and they will leave day one with an assignment to think WHAT they wanna do; and the next day, we'll try to figure out together HOW to do it…
    Regarding tracking… I'm actually in doubt about it; because, as you said, it's no basic topic… But I thought it was worth showing that it can be done. I'm still wondering about it and the format.
    Thanks for the input
  • Izzy Guru

    No problem hope it goes well.

    Two days will be much better. People always want to play and spend time 'messing about' with effects and stuff so like I said plan some time for people to do this. It's also a good way for people to learn.
    Enjoy :)

  • Jamie's workshop resource page is very helpful: http://www.jamiegriffiths.com/isadoraworkshop/

    Have a lot look at my tutorial Vimeo channels if you like:
    https://vimeo.com/channels/504684 (introduction)
    https://vimeo.com/channels/511744 (interactive systems, tracking)

    Best Stephan

  • Hi Paulo, feel free to direct message me if you have questions. I have done a lot of workshops for Isadora, so can give you some tips, happily.
    Cheers, jamie

    ps I am the jamie whose weblink is mentioned above.