• I know that it is possible to set up a cue sheet for each scene and link it to your trigger or triggers, however, I would like to use scenes as my main cues and triggers within a scene as sub cues. I know this is easy within Isadora, but I would like to have the ability to have cues / scenes automatically add a prefix of a number (or letter based on user prefs). For example, we run a series of about 20 different scenes in our lobby area here and each time I add in a new scene (or move them around) I either have to renumber everything or start adding in a secondary naming system (like 16.A). I know that numbering isn't always the system of choice, but if you're trying to mirror a text file somewhere for easy reference -- auto numbers make things move faster for sure. 

    Further, I think it would be fantastic for a global cue sheet that breaks down triggers within scenes, automatically. The information is already there! 
    Like this:
    1. Some Cue (scene 1) 

    2. Some Subcue (trigger 1.1) 

    3. Some other Subcue (trigger 1.2) 

    4. Some Other Cue (scene 2) 

    Lastly, it would be great to have the ability to then export that global sheet to a text file. Of course, you can take a screenshot, but then you can't style it!
    If this is already possible and I am overlooking something or there's already a way to do this, please tell me!