Troika Ranch Live-Interactive (Live-I) Workshop - Deadline Approaching!

  • Isadora's creator, Mark Coniglio, along with his long time collaborator, choreographer Dawn Stoppiello, will host a week-long Live-Interactive (Live-I) Workshop in Portland, Oregon, USA from June 30th to July 4th.

    This session is an intensive laboratory for multidisciplinary artists who wish to explore the creation of media intensive performances and installations. Participants are guided to address a series of compositional questions focused on successfully bringing performers, audience and visual and sonic media together to create compelling and truly unified works.

    Isadora will serve as the core technology used to facillitate their artistic ideas.

    The workshop fee includes a free six-month license for those who do not already have an Isadora license.

    If you would like to learn from two of the acknowledged pioneers of interactive performance, please visit the <http:"" c="" 14311770="" b67f5fc22529-n5gum1="">workshop page on the Troika Ranch site.</http:>

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    <http:"" c="" 14311770="" b67f5fc22529-n5gum1="">The application deadline is May 30th, 2014.</http:>
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    <http:"" c="" 14311770="" b67f5fc22529-n5gum1="">June 30 - July 4, 2014</http:>
    <http:"" c="" 14311770="" b67f5fc22529-n5gum1="">Portland, Oregon, USA</http:>
    <http:"" c="" 14311770="" b67f5fc22529-n5gum1="">Fee: US$675</http:>