Custom Isadora Plugin Windows error messages

  • Hi Everybody,

    I am finalising my Isadora OSC plugins I started writing some time ago. While testing on Windows I am coming across some peculiar error messages that I have not yet been able to track down. Maybe someone will recognise these and give me a hint in the right direction..
    Automatically Generated Error Information:
    Error: !(result != kDisplayFormatInvalid)
    File: CProperty.cp
    Line: 2459
    Active Scenes: | Untitled |
    Error: !(mCurrentDisplayFormat != kDisplayFormatInvalid)
    File: CPropertyValueCollection.cp
    Line: 147
    Active Scenes: | Untitled |
    I think these error messages happen in the code of the isadoraLib where I only have access to the .h files and have a .lib file which I cannot look into.
    Error: info->mMessageReceiver == nil
    File: StatemachienRecieve
    Line: 324
    Active Scenes: | Untitled |
    The code for the last error message is: PluginAssert_(ip, info->mMessageReceiver == nil);
    This is part of the activate actor code. I do not totally understand what PluginAssert_ does but it seems to be some debugging check to see if something is working/allowed or not ?
    Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction!

  • Dear @machel_v,

    It's a little hard to tell without the code. Why don't you send it to me privately and I can take a look, OK?
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Message was sent..