IMPORTANT: Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) Picture Player Bug

  • Some users have discovered a bug that appears only with Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) where pictures loaded into the Picture Player do not fully draw. (Usually only part of the image is drawn; the rest is black.) This seems to only happen when certain settings in the Preferences are not set to the default. If you are experiencing this problem, please go to the Video tab of the Isadora Preferences and check the "Default Resolution" setting, as well as the "When Combining Video" setting. This bug only seems to happen when the default resolution does not match the resolution of the pictures, and the "When Combining Video" popup is set to Scale to Default Resolution. The problem only occurs occasionally. It is not consistent. For an immediate workaround, do one of the following: 1) change the default resolution to match your pictures 2) scale your pictures to match the default resolution 3) change the "When Combining Video" popup to "Scale to Largest" or "Scale to Smallest." I am currently searching for a permanent solution to this problem. Finally, I generally would not recommend using "Scale to Default Resolution." When you choose "Scale to Default" in the "When Combining Video" popup menu, the resolution of every video, picture, or generator (e.g. Text Draw) is forced to the resolution specified by the default resolution. This is a "brute force" solution -- Isadora may actually run more slowly depending on the source material. A much better way would be to organize your media so that it is a the right resolution in the first place, and to use the "Resizable Bkg" actor as a input to generators (like Shapes or Text Draw) to explicitly control the resolution. Mark