• Hello everybody,

    is there a way to save the "Isadora Preferences" within an Isadora project?
    I have several projects with different settings (Stage, Resolution). I always have to change the preferences manually after opening the file, maybe their is a more efficient way? 
    Thanks for any hints!

  • Dear Christoph,

    Many (most actually) of the Preferences will be stored with the document in a future version. But this will not happen for the next release. 
    In the meantime, I can only suggest a workaround of creating some kind of script to 1) copy the right preferences into the preferences folder, and 2) open the document you will use with those preferences.
    I know this is a hassle, and it's clear that this must be addressed. But I can't take it on before my May 31st deadline for the new version.
    Best Wishes,

  • Think I vote for this one, happening in the future …..