APC40 & Traktor, Ableton, Isadora

  • Basically, I'm working on creating a video controller that looks at controller input from various other applications.

    I have several MIDI controllers (Trigger Finger, APC40, some keyboard)  that I've created maps for in other programs. When you're working with controllers with pages of mapping it's very time consuming to recreate it in each program! Since Isadora has the ability to look at other Apps for triggers, is there a way to import other map extensions (like .TSI)? 
    I'm looking to do something like what this dude has done [here](http://vimeo.com/5779669), but a little more complex!
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    No .tsi file import currently. Due to the modular design of isadora it wouldn't work, or at least I can't see how it could work.

  • Without the import it's just a matter of looking at the note values in the TSI (or manually with a watcher in Isadora) and create my triggers off of that. Half of the work is already done!

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    Or download the midi learn user actor:


  • Dude. Thank you!

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    No problem me and @Michel worked on this a while ago. Really handy!

  • Is there a centralized database anywhere of User Actors, their features and their release notes? Would be great to get a shared Dropbox going...

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    It's just started....

    I have a few I need to submit actually...

  • That's fantastic! But where's the DL link? Feel like a dolt!