Help! Quartz Composer actors are gone and syphon to video does not work....

  • Hello Isadora Masters,

       I would love some help, I am loading up an old file on the same computer (mac osx 10.6.8) about 6 months later and all of a sudden there are no quartz composer actors. The problem is my syphon to video actor in version 1.3.1f06. The syphon feed works in syphon but in Isadora nothing happens... there is no video, although it picks up the name on the feed in the input box on the actor.  Any ideas, on what to do?
    Thank you!

  • @Swills for QCpatch you have to show the QC VIEWER to process the image, now you should have the syphon video stream in IZZY, for your QCpatches and QCplugins, you may need a new QC plugin install and setup in IZZY.

  • Dear Shannon,

    I assume you are running IsadoraCore (not just plain Isadora) and that you have purchased the Core Video upgrade. Were you previously using Isadora in demo mode? If so, the QC patches would have been visible as actors even though you had not purchased the Core Video upgrade.

    Best Wishes,