• Hello!

    I have to run 6 channels HD(1080) video(4 channels at one time) from one computer. If it is possible? I mean, does it work well?  I won't use so much effect  with it. Does anybody know it is possible?

    If it is possible, I can rent newest mac with 6 video cards. Otherwise, I have to use Arkaos media server which I do not really know much.
    Any suggestion would be helpful.
    Thank you so much!
  • Izzy Guru

    Well it depends on your hardware machine configuration.

    Also are the projectors/tv screens (i.e.: your final display) HD 1080? The same applies for the Arkaos media software; its not really the software but the hardware (of course codecs and OpenGL matter)
    On a very powerful machine you probably could play them; but are you after a constant 25/30 fps?
    A few archived links:

  • Hi,

    It is possible to playback such an amount of HD files with isadora.
    One big question is your disks speed.
    For this you will need your medias to be on SSD drive, maybe on two separate SSDs.
    Then, don't expect to be able to apply heavy video effects, It's too much data.
    But you can play with all the features of the projector actor, they are handled by the GPU and will have quite few incidence on your fps.
    For your information, I manage to playback simultaneously 6 streams of HD 1080 ( codec Blackmagic 8bit 4:2:2 ) on my pc machine.
    The windows version uses native playback of avi files witch is powerfull, I have no experience on mac.

  • Thank you guys!

    I will try and let you know about it.