• I'm being a dope on this - I want to interpret video into larger, solid pixels with no blending. Input is 720x480 and I want to output to the same size, but have each 20x20 pixel region interpreted into a single solid color.

  • you need to have core video upgrade of isadora. then you can use actor CI¬†Pixelate

  • Got it - I knew it was easy, my brain just wasn't working. Thanks Vanakaru!


  • You can also use the Scaler actor - scale the 720x480 to 36x24. That will do the same job and not require the Core Video update.

    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark - I was actually trying to make a preview of what a 30' x 16' LED wall would look like to someone, so when i did that, a stage at that size was too small to see it. When the stage is larger, Isadora interprets all of the pixels in between, so it was fuzzy, rather than large sharp blocks.