10.6.8 MBP runs patch better than new fusion drive with mavericks?

  • a very simple patch i've been using to run and make templates for 3:4 video (ie: 4:30 turned 90 degrees) has been working perfectly on a mid-2010 macbook pro running izzi 1.3of24, but hanging for 2 to 3 seconds at a time on a brand new iMac.

    the patch is just a movie player,  HSL adjust, and projector. but it's not working nicely on the new fully-loaded iMac.

    the video clips are a combination of sizes and formats, because we're just positioning at the moment. so clips are either ProRes, PhotJpeg or h264. sizes are either 1440x1080, 1024x768, 854x480.

    of course the finals will all be the same format and encoding--this is just accepting clips on the fly to try them straightaway in rehearsal.

    on the 2010 MBP everything in the video bin starts playing properly the moment it's picked.

    on the iMac there is a hang of 1 sec to almost 3 seconds, when picking/switching clips.
    the prores are usually ok but all the rest hang--the current clip freezes as a still and then pops into the new clip that's been picked. sometimes there is also a flash from a different position of the new clip.(if the next clip starts at 40% in, it might flash the first frame, for example.)

    honestly i thought this new machine would play everything perfectly (and that eventually we could have several programs running,) any ideas about what's causing it to choke on things that work fine on an old machine?

    MBP specs:
    OS 10.6.8/ 2.4 Ghz processor core i5/4 Gb ram

    new iMAC: 
    27" iMac Quad-Core Intel Core i7 3.5GHz (4th generation Haswell processor), 8GB RAM, 3TB Fusion Drive, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M graphics processor with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, Two Thunderbolt ports, with OS 10.9.3

  • Izzy Guru

    Have you tried the latest beta? It may be worth trying it because I know Mark has put a lot of energy into video playback performance, with a focus in 10.9 mavericks. Mavericks changed a lot under the hood, especially with quicktime too i believe. Let us know how you get on.

  • Izzy Guru

    Yes please try the newest pre-release.