Sound Buffer like Video Buffer Actor ?

  • Hi everyone,

    Does someone know if there is an actor or a way to record into RAM an external sound, like the "Buffer" actor does with video ?
    I'm trying to make a sampler, and with sound capture it will be great !

  • I think that mark already answered to that question pointing us to some external commercial (and some free) audio units that appear in Isadora as actors if you have the core audio upgrade

  • Thank you @Armando for your reply, I made a research too quickly and didn't find the discussion :

    I will have a look to Crossfade Loop Synth ; a friend told me that it is quite simple to do directly in Ableton Live, I will try to associate Buffer actor through midi control and let you know if it works...

  • i suspect the actor you're looking for is the AUDelay. it's the apple AU based delay and will give you up to 2 seconds per delay and is part of core audio.

  • Thank you @ian for your advice, I didn't know this actor, AUDelay allows to make loops but the inconvenience is the maximum time of 2 seconds...

  • Check that

  • Thank you @Armando for your software advice.

    I had a look to Mobius, from circularlabs, very interesting but not so easy to use ; its documentation is large, and it seems to be the best choice for Windows users.
    I found another one for Mac only, SooperLooper :
    Both can be controlled by midi triggers from Isadora, so can be linked to Buffer actor.
    All the best !

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