• Hello all,

    I am trying to use a video that does not loop properly and make it loop by fading two copies of the video in and out in different scenes that are link together by  jump trigger. I wanted to know if there is an actor I can use to jump to a specific scene like "upon pressing the space bar, we will jump to scene 3" so I can not have to worry about which of the two scenes I am in when it is time to take the cue. 
    I know I could just put a jump actor in each scene and make the first trigger +2 scenes, and the second +1 but is there a more effective way to do this than what I am thinking?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.
    Dylan Amick

  • The jump actor has an absolute and relative mode, in absolute mode it will do what you want.

  • Hi Dylan,
    For the space bar part of your question, use a keyboard watcher connected to the trigger input on the Jump actor. Set the keyboard watcher to watch for the space bar or any other key you want to use.