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  • Hi

    i need to refresh my picture folder continuously. I have a dropbox folder and some person load in this folder their pictures and i would like to show them on the screen during a show. I can't load the pictures by myself because it is many people and the folder will change many time a minutes...
    How i can do this operation? Exist an actor to do this?

  • This cannot be done with Isadora directly but if you are on a mac and have the core version you can create something with quartz composer to do this and use that inside Isadora.

  • On a Mac, make (local dropbox Image folder) a Watchfolder, use “Izzy Import Media Folder Action“ script, imports all added files into Izzy.



  • http://www.jamiegriffiths.com/apple-script-into-isadora/

    My tutorial might be a bit old if you are on latest Mac OS, but the principle remains the same. You can probably just adjust it to the new operating system if so. Let me know if you do it, and I'll update my blog page with your info.

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