• I'm working on mapping to a curved cyc using a combination of Matthew Haber's fantastic User Actors -- which makes the whole process a lot easier. However, I'm running into some issues where Isadora doesn't recognize the QC plugins so the UA doesn't work!

    The message I get is "QC beziersurface (ID = 'EEC4D32E')"
    Anyone know how to fix this? The QC plugins are in the right location. Does this have anything to do with version of Quicktime or 32 vs 64-Bit? 
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    Do you get that message when you open the project or at some other point? Which of my other actors are you using? That might help me figure out where the issue is. This shouldn't have anything to do with QT or 32/64 bit.

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    Also, what version of OSX are you running?

  • Hi Matt - thanks for the help! was trying to use Bezzier Surface.

    OS 10.6.8
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    Are you having issues with any other actors? It sounds the like the problem isn't with the QC Plugin but rather with Isadora's inability for to find or open the Quartz composition. Is beziersurface.qtz in your FreeFrame folder? If not, where is it?

  • Good call. All QC user built plugins were in Library/Graphics and I just moved them over to /Components and that seemed to do the trick. Manually choosing my FF folder didn't work but I suspect that's because FF is different than QC? Anyway, works great now! Thanks again.

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    Glad to here you got it squared away.