Unexpected delay triggering movies

  • Hello all,

    I'm trying to build a patch to trigger movies (precisely only audio .movs), control position and volume over OSC.
    I want to use 10 players on the same and unique scene waiting to be independantly triggered (play).
    For the moment I only have one player (for testing) on the scene, and the system is working great.

    But when I leave Isadora not playing for a while (10 minutes or more), when I trigger my audio movie, there's a 1-2 secs delay before the music starts..

    I've carrefully read all the preload post from Mark, tested different ways to play, preload.. and I didn't found any solution to this.
    I'm using the speed 0-1 to trigger the lauch of the sound, and not the visible on/off switch as advised.
    I know it's just audio playing, but I need the Movie Audio Player Actor functionnalities (position, multitrack...)

    Thanks in advance for your replies, thoughts, advices.


  • Mark, (or someone else), can you help me to understand :

    • In the media bin when you leave mouse over a video, you have info. It says by default "Background Preload : YES" : What does that mean ?

    If you have only one scene in your patch :

    • What is the difference between preloading a movie via the Video Preload Actor and ticking "on" RAM setting on Movie Player Actor ?
    • Does the Video Preload Actor works for CI Movie Player ?
    • What is the difference between preloading a movie via the Video Preload Actor and trigger the Preload setting on Sound Movie Player Actor ?
    • What is the difference between preloading all the movies of a scene via the Preload Actor and trigger preload actual scene with Preload Scene Actor ?
    • Does the Sound Preload Actor works for AU Audio File Player too ?

    Thanks in advance, I'm a little bit lost.


  • Tech Staff

    In the old forum Mark once mentioned following:
    Now, you can prevent this by using the Video Preload actor to preload the clip before you activate it. The goal here is to do this just prior to loading the clip you need. In my shows, when this has caused a problem, I preload the clips for the next scene in my current scene... something like 5-60 seconds before. That being said, don't preload them all at the beginning of your show because that probably won't work. The "virtual memory" in OSX or Windows will see that the data isn't being used, and will swap it out to disk if you wait too long. If this happens, then the preload is essentially useless. There isn't really a way around this...

    So I think the problem is "Isadora not playing for a while". Maybe to get around this is to set a "pulse generator" actor that triggers the preload every 3 or 5 minutes.
    3 minutes are 0.0056Hz
    5 minutes are 0.0033Hz