Be careful, probleme with the last update of maverick

  • the last update of maverick buggs when you want to have more than two output video....

    its a bugg in the latest update and the appletdevelloppers didnt send a date to solve the problem.
    i had the probleme on a show this week end and i losed my hair before to understand the problem.
    actually you can only use two of your three output of your macbook pro for exemple....
    to follow...
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    thanks for the information @cocoberdu.

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  • Hi @cocoberdu,
    I am going to be testing this bug. Thanks for posting this.
    Can you send me the tech specs of your machine? And which version of Isadora you were using?
    Also please let me know if you would like me to file this as a bug report that is tied to your Isadora user account & email address? That way we can correspond directly via the online tech support ticketing system,
    thank you

  • We had mavericks running on the new mac pro towers with multiple outputs. 4+head. The official amount of outputs is 2+head but we circumvented that with apple dual link (active) adapters.
    There is no way for me to test this where I am right now. 
    @[philaldous]( any ideas? I think cam has been testing this maybe he can comment?
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    I did test this hand had absolutely no problem.
    Tried this on two rMBP 2.6GHz intel Core i7, 16GB RAM. One has 10.9.2 the other has 10.9.3.

    1. try worked
    1x HDMI output
    2x Thunderbolt --> DVI output

    2. try worked
    1x HDMI output
    1x Thunderbolt --> DVI output
    1x Thunderbolt --> VGA output

  • i have a macbook pro retina

    OS X 10.9.3 (13D65), Mémoire  16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3, 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5

    i have test all the output and its works fine separately.

    i try

    1x hdmi output

    2x tunderbolt to vga

    when i plugged the two thunderbolts i cant output a display via hdmi and when i have 1 thunderbolt et 1 hdmi its fine but i cant have a output with the other thunderbolt.....

    i discussed with apple and they know the problem for macpro but not for macbook pro. i have test a lot of adaptater but i will try again tomorrow....

  • @jamie. i will test tomorrow with new cables and adapters to be sure before.

    anyone has this problem with macpro? see here
    i m on release 1.3.1f06\. i have a lot of problem with maverick too. izzy dont recognize any webcams ( kinect, ps3eye, any cam with macam.....) even facetime cam.... 
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    I have a feeling it will be the thunderbolt to VGA.

    I bet if it was thunderbolt to DVI it would work. 
    Maybe a "active" connection issue?

  • @cocoberdu
    The iSight camera is a known issue for us on the retina with Mavericks since Apple's new focus on the AVFoundation instead of Quicktime. The new Isadora v 2.0 release solves this problem. Apple changed the way they handle the cameras on Mavericks.

    @Michel is it possible for you to try this last combo??  (the same as cocoberdu)
    1x HDMI output
    1x Thunderbolt --> VGA output
    1x Thunderbolt --> VGA output

  • @cocoberdu

    Please go to the pre-release link to download the new beta with a camera fix that you can test today!  :)

  • yeah all my cams came back!!! i love this prerelease...i will test this afternoon the multi outputs with new cables and adapters...i will post the results tonight tonight may be the problemes will desepear with this new release

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    3. try - works
    1x HDMI output
    1x Thunderbolt --> VGA output
    1x Thunderbolt --> VGA output

  • no way for me.

    i tried
    1x hdmi output
    1x thunderbolt to vga
    1x thunderbolt to vga
    and 1x hdmi, to vga
    1x thundebolt to vga
    1x thunderbolt to vga
    i tried diffrents orders to connections but no ways. the third connection is not recognized
    the problem seems to be with the hdmi output.
    even , impossible to convert hdmi to vgawith three differents adapters
    i tried differents ways but i didnt succes to have three videos outputs....
    the only succes was with the triple head.....

  • What adapters did you use. There is no adaptor that can convert from HDMI to VGA, you need a conversion unit of some kind. As far as I know noone has made one of these into an adaptor style plug yet, they are all small boxes.

  • @cocoberdu
    Is part of the issue that you only have projectors that accept VGA inputs? And if so, is there a reason why you don't want to use the triplehead, actually? That will give you three VGA streams at VGA quality from one output, which sounds like it will solve your problem?

    Yes, I just recalled that I have also seen someone using x1 hdmi (directly to a projector) and the two thunderbolt to VGA adaptors to two other projectors.


  • @mark FYI  Just to let you know, this seems to not be an issue. The forum thread (aka bug report) seems to have died after digging deeper into the issue.
    cheers, Jamie

  • just in case, im discussing with the apple care about that. i will keep you posted. this problem is knew for mac pro now but not for macbook pro. for me i have always the same probleme with différent configuration

    @ jamie: i will use the tripple head now but ilts not the simplest way...

  • hello

    i have the answer....for the new macbook pro retina, there is 3 différents videos output but only two can work together....dixit apple care
    @ michel what macbook pro modele do you have?
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    this one.