Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

  • Thanks Mark,
    I love your software, I'll buy the update with no problem.
    I just can't wait to play with the new beast : Isadora 2.0 !


  • bello!


  • Spreading the word. Very exciting :)
    Isadora changed my life back in 2001.

  • Beta Gold

    I'm on the same page with Primaldivine and most of other used. My first isadora course as a professor on Isadora was also in 2000 on Isadora 0.7 I think... Happy almost birthday to 2.0!!

  • How much? for the new fee. looking forward ......


  • HAP support, SPOUT, and particularly javascript are very interesting developments.

    Wondering, will there be a demo version for 1.0 users interesting in upgrading?
    Looking forward to a reasonably well explained api for Javascript. Are you using google V8?
  • Izzy Guru

    The demo will remain the same; meaning the new release will have a demo you can test.

    I am 98% sure about this but please wait for the **official** statements from Mark on the said date.

  • That's great news, indeed! Looks very promising.

    I'm still not sure if I will buy the upgrade but I perfectly understand that all this hard work needs to be rewarded.

  • Finally the world gets to be excited for this huge step-up for Izzy!!!

    I am so happy for you, Mark. Thank you for all the amazing hard work that you've done, and still working away. We support you 100% without a doubt.
    This is a big news for the new media art world. As you're integrating even more powerful features that some of the popular softwares might even just provide one of them, and most of them have a much bigger team developing it!
    It will be worth the upgrade for sure. Even just knowing that we won't need to use additional mapping software and just do it within the new Izzy, it already save us money and so much trouble as well. 
    big ups,

  • Mark,

    I have the number 32 licence… not paying any upgrade since then, You deserve a contribution for your work!
    Thanks, Jacques
  • Beta Platinum

    Going to pay for the update for sure. I had the pleasure to work with the pro version for my last project in february. The mapping features, edge blend, etc are really great. Isadora really changed the way of my artistic work. Thank you Mark, Jamie, Graham, Gavin and this great community for sharing your knowledge.

    All the best from Vienna,

  • i'm remounting a show next year and i was thinking i'd have to spend €360 on a MadMapper license to speed up the mapping that i originally created in Isadora. I'm very happy to pay for an upgrade to be able to do this within Izzy. Nice one Mark.

    a lot of people ask me why Isadora remains my weapon of choice. its Mark's commitment to developing it, and the supportive nature of this community that keeps it firing on all cylinders.
    many thanks,

  • Congratulations Mark!

    The mapping feature sounds like a great integrated element.  Currently, I have been integrating the MadMapper system and have been very happy with the program.  However, there is currently an issue that only two full screen video feeds can sent from Izzy/Syphon to MadMapper.  If the included Izzy Mapper allows MORE than the current multi-stage ceiling limitation of syphon-madmapper,and is as easy to create mapping,  that would be a value that would make anyone doing mapping upgrade!
    Looking forward to working with v2

  • Psyched!!! Seriously, the quality of support and the upgrades that have already been provided in the past 3 years I've been using Izzy would be worth an upgrade fee already. Really looking forward to this Lukas

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for the kind and enthusiastic responses. To @jhoepffner specifically: I want you to know that, on the roadmap, Unicode support will happen in the next release immediately after 2.0\. I know you've been waiting for that for ages.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @djinoui,

    I appreciate you saying that you might not buy the upgrade. Criticisms are welcome in this thread too.. so, at this important juncture in Isadora's history, it would be good to hear why you would choose not to upgrade. That helps us to understand our users needs better.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hey dbini i have a mapper that might save you some moolah--one we wrote here. That brings up my question 1.) will objects created with the SDK still work on 2.0? Also i have SPOUT working already from MAX to isadora, is there something i am missing about that?


  • Dear Patrick,

    Yes, objects created with the 1.0 SDK will work with 2.0.
    In terms of Spout working with Isadora for Windows, how did you get that to work? The support we are providing is through FreeFrameGL, which is only in the new version. Maybe there's another way of which I'm not yet aware.
    Best Wishes,

  • No doubt that i will upgrade! And maybe now its about time to thank mark for his never ending effort, and the community of this forum for there excellent support!


  • I'm particularly looking forward to trying out the new mapping feature. How does this development relate to the Pro Isadora version that I've heard mentioned previously? does 2.0 contain the Pro features or is that a separate version/product?

    My practice is quite broad so I tend to have periods of intense Isadora use and then might not use it for many months so I probably wouldn't upgrade until I need those new features for a project but I totally support the need for continued investment in the software's development.
    I've experienced quite a few negative comments about Isadora's perceived stability for use in show conditions from theatre technical departments I've worked with here in the UK, it can be quite a challenge to persuade them to use my software of choice. I know Mark works really hard to do what he can to ensure stability but I think this perception needs to be addressed in terms of features that add redundency (perhaps the ability to run a mirror patch on a backup computer*) but also maybe a list of shows that the software has been used for to help build confidence within the industry (in the way that Figure 53 has 'Showcases' of Qlab use).
    *Out of the box without adding that capacity to every patch