Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for the kind and enthusiastic responses. To @jhoepffner specifically: I want you to know that, on the roadmap, Unicode support will happen in the next release immediately after 2.0\. I know you've been waiting for that for ages.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @djinoui,

    I appreciate you saying that you might not buy the upgrade. Criticisms are welcome in this thread too.. so, at this important juncture in Isadora's history, it would be good to hear why you would choose not to upgrade. That helps us to understand our users needs better.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hey dbini i have a mapper that might save you some moolah--one we wrote here. That brings up my question 1.) will objects created with the SDK still work on 2.0? Also i have SPOUT working already from MAX to isadora, is there something i am missing about that?


  • Dear Patrick,

    Yes, objects created with the 1.0 SDK will work with 2.0.
    In terms of Spout working with Isadora for Windows, how did you get that to work? The support we are providing is through FreeFrameGL, which is only in the new version. Maybe there's another way of which I'm not yet aware.
    Best Wishes,

  • No doubt that i will upgrade! And maybe now its about time to thank mark for his never ending effort, and the community of this forum for there excellent support!


  • I'm particularly looking forward to trying out the new mapping feature. How does this development relate to the Pro Isadora version that I've heard mentioned previously? does 2.0 contain the Pro features or is that a separate version/product?

    My practice is quite broad so I tend to have periods of intense Isadora use and then might not use it for many months so I probably wouldn't upgrade until I need those new features for a project but I totally support the need for continued investment in the software's development.
    I've experienced quite a few negative comments about Isadora's perceived stability for use in show conditions from theatre technical departments I've worked with here in the UK, it can be quite a challenge to persuade them to use my software of choice. I know Mark works really hard to do what he can to ensure stability but I think this perception needs to be addressed in terms of features that add redundency (perhaps the ability to run a mirror patch on a backup computer*) but also maybe a list of shows that the software has been used for to help build confidence within the industry (in the way that Figure 53 has 'Showcases' of Qlab use).
    *Out of the box without adding that capacity to every patch

  • Dear @mark,
    I'm very excited about this new version, but I just don't need it for the moment. Our current project doesn't need mapping nor HAP. Spout integration is great but according to my tests, webcam -> Processing -> SpoutCam (Spout virtual camera) should be sufficient for us.
    Our budget for this show is also quite low.
    But if I start another VJ project I will reconsider my choice. Isadora's modular approach is great for creativity, and its brilliant community also had a big influence when I wondered if we should buy version 1\. So in the meantime, I will of course give the demo a try. In the end, it will mostly depend on the price of the upgrade, unless I really need these new functionalities. Once again I agree that you deserve to be paid for your work so that's fine if you finally ask for a fee, considering the gap you have been filling this year.
    By the way, do you plan keeping on releasing bug fixes for v1? Not that there are a lot of bugs remaining, but I suppose people in the same situation are also wondering about it.
    All the best,

  • Isadora is a professional software for professional shows.  Please ask for the money you need to stay competitive, and to have the infrastructure to fast  THINK, DEVELOP and SUPPORT new features.


  • @djinoui

    Thanks for your thoughtful response.
    To answer this question: "Do you plan keeping on releasing bug fixes for v1."
    The answer is yes. The 1.5.3f23 version I've uploaded to the pre-release page does exactly that.
    Best Wishes,

  • This is great news.

    Isadora has been such a huge influence on my work, I now use it in situations that I never would have imagined when I first drew a red line between two grey dots.
    Glad to have the opportunity to contribute with a fee as well, feels like it's been too long!
    All the very best wishes,

  • I am definitely behind this process... I know that paying for the upgrade will be a true investment in the development of the platform and the very real efforts of Mark and the team. Also, having a properly constituted (and paid) team around Mark to roll out the work seems like an overdue necessity!

    I also agree with @simon that a database / info section on works that have used Isadora will be incredibly useful, also from an educational point of view. Perhaps a standard image / synopsis / production info / links template? Upcoming shows can then also be flagged... 
    Very excited to see the mapping capabilities... 
    All the best, 
  • Tech Staff

    One feature would be interesting to develop: some kind of audio mixer for surround Sound. That would really had helped in our last project. The only suggestions I got from the community regarding this was Apps outside Isadora and a not really as intuitive and handy as it could be inside Isadora. See also this post:

  • @mark

    Thanks! I'll try this fix version soon.
    Still supporting v1 also encourages potential new users looking for a sustainable product to trust Isadora. And in this regard, a roadmap and a glimpse on various Izzy projects would be very interesting.
    All the best,

  • Scripting, cool !  How about the Izzy  plugins SDK - will it be kept  updated to most recent , well , Xcode by my side ?

  • CoreImage performance, now far better (IsadoraCore 1.5…), didm’t expect this anymore after such long period of waiting (a few years) for it to happen, stopped using Isadora for my work because of poor CoreImage performance and too many bugs. I started to make my own QC tools over the past years, think I don’t need the new actors, but still curios to test Isadora 2.0 realeased on 31st of July 2014.

    best wishes


  • Mark, I am so confident in your ability to create and support an excellent product, that I'll follow you anywhere.  I've had a license for 12 years, but decided to buy another license last year for my company because I wanted to support you and your company.  I use Isadora for all my shows, from complex interactivity to simple sequence control.  I really appreciate your support of me and the entire community.  I look forward to 2.0.

  • Tech Staff

    @Contexter the SDK was discussed at the Berlin meeting. It does need updating and we aim to do this asap.

  • Compatibility with 1.* versions? I am asking a theatre to wait and buy 2.0, while I still be using 1.5, so the compatibility (2.0 to handle 1.5 patches) would be important.

  • Tech Staff

    2.0 will be fully compatible with the current release/pre-release versions.

  • Maybe I missed it : Will 2.0 work natively in 64 bits ?
    Will it be compatible with osx 10.6 ?