Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

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    We have discussed this in person, Mark, but to answer your question directly, my current perceptions about Isadora's stability or lack thereof are based exclusively on first hand experiences that I have had over the course of using Isadora on dozens of installation and live performance projects over the past few years. While Isadora has typically, though not always, been reasonably stable once we get a show open, frequent crashes during the programming process, tech, and previews are the rule not the exception. While we are often pushing the performance envelope of Isadora, a complete crash isn't an acceptable failure mode vs slow framerates. Additionally, bugs like the issue with dongles losing connection that continue to go unresolved weaken our ability to feel safe using Isadora on certain segments of projects, particular when we know that a qualified programmer won't be there to babysit it. For example, we have a several hundred thousand dollar installation project that has been running for several months using four computers running Isadora and we have had near weekly service calls to our shop for software related issues. Many of us know that this has not always been the case with Isadora which is why you have so many loyal users (myself and many of my colleagues included) and I hope that we will be able to get back to a point where it is no longer the case.

  • Dear @MatthewH.

    Thank you for your very honest assessment. I am doing all that I can to ensure that 2.0 will be as stable as humanly possible.
    Best Wishes,

  • Viva Isadora and thank you very much Mark!

     The love and dedication with which you lead this project, allowing all of us to give life to our creative ideas, is as inspiring as the tool itself.

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    I find Isadora to be very stable. It allows nearly anything to be done, and manages to remain stable. The biggest problems I have ever had or tried to help with have always been user error based.
    Isadora allows me to create nearly anything I can think of.

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    I think there should be a new series of tutorials for the new features(edge blend, mapping, etc)

  • Yes, please... tutorials for the new edge blending and mapping features.

  • Hi Mark

    I'm thrilled about the new upgrade, Izzymap looks amazing! This looks to be the start of a new era for Isdaora, and I wish you the best of luck. Without wishing to tear you away from your final coding and testing, are you able to say how likely it is that the upgrade will be released before the end of this month (If at all?). We are planning to upgrade all our licences at the university, and would like to see if we can get it into this years budget?

  • Sorry, I've just read the timeline again and found the release date for the 31st...

  • Congrats Mark 

    ...and to the new additions to the staff Jamie, Ryan, Michael, and Graham.
    So looking forward to upgrading, I have to say living off the remote west coast of Ireland and suddenly realising you screwed up a show thru human error, I rest in the knowledge that there will be a quick response from you and the team with a solution (as it has done many times in the past with clear and precise instructions)  

  • Great to meet you, Joe :)

  • Tech Staff

    Looking at my calender... Is tomorrow the big day?

  • @feinsinn Annoucement coming later today... :)

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  • We're not quite there in terms of the final final release, but we're ready for the enthusiasts to get on board. See my announcement.

    -- M

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    Isadora in her new dress is a hottie!!!!

  • @mark: I am nearing a tech phase, and would appreciate it if you could let me know approximate time frame of the 2.0 final availability. This will help enormously in planning, scoping additional software development etc.


  • Dear @eight,

    Right now, I don't want to estimate. I need to evaluate where we are, and I want my prediction to be accurate. That being said, if you need solid HD playback, the beta is already a very strong candidate for your project.
    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    Cool, filled out the form. Can´t wait getting the beta.

    All the best,

  • Hello, Mark & friends,
    So excited to take the new baby in hand…  But I must have strong arguments to convince my company to buy the upgrade for the next project. Project including live chroma key on green screen, preferably in HD!
    Will 2.0 be more efficient with keying in term of frame rate? Is there some kind of CI chroma key on board?
    Will there be a demo version soon or later to try this feature?
    I wish I can avoid another soft I like much less, but which handle keying well… You know the one with an 8... :-(