Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

  • Hi Mark

    I'm thrilled about the new upgrade, Izzymap looks amazing! This looks to be the start of a new era for Isdaora, and I wish you the best of luck. Without wishing to tear you away from your final coding and testing, are you able to say how likely it is that the upgrade will be released before the end of this month (If at all?). We are planning to upgrade all our licences at the university, and would like to see if we can get it into this years budget?

  • Sorry, I've just read the timeline again and found the release date for the 31st...

  • Congrats Mark 

    ...and to the new additions to the staff Jamie, Ryan, Michael, and Graham.
    So looking forward to upgrading, I have to say living off the remote west coast of Ireland and suddenly realising you screwed up a show thru human error, I rest in the knowledge that there will be a quick response from you and the team with a solution (as it has done many times in the past with clear and precise instructions)  

  • Great to meet you, Joe :)

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    Looking at my calender... Is tomorrow the big day?

  • @feinsinn Annoucement coming later today... :)

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  • We're not quite there in terms of the final final release, but we're ready for the enthusiasts to get on board. See my announcement.

    -- M
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    Isadora in her new dress is a hottie!!!!

  • @mark: I am nearing a tech phase, and would appreciate it if you could let me know approximate time frame of the 2.0 final availability. This will help enormously in planning, scoping additional software development etc.


  • Dear @eight,

    Right now, I don't want to estimate. I need to evaluate where we are, and I want my prediction to be accurate. That being said, if you need solid HD playback, the beta is already a very strong candidate for your project.
    Best Wishes,
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    Cool, filled out the form. Can´t wait getting the beta.

    All the best,

  • Hello, Mark & friends,
    So excited to take the new baby in hand…  But I must have strong arguments to convince my company to buy the upgrade for the next project. Project including live chroma key on green screen, preferably in HD!
    Will 2.0 be more efficient with keying in term of frame rate? Is there some kind of CI chroma key on board?
    Will there be a demo version soon or later to try this feature?
    I wish I can avoid another soft I like much less, but which handle keying well… You know the one with an 8... :-(

  • Dear @laurentR

    To answer your questions:
    **Will 2.0 be more efficient with keying in term of frame rate?**
    Absolutely. I am easily playing 4 x 1920x1080 H264 clips at the same time on my i7 laptop with a standard 5400 RPM drive. 30fps, totally solid.
    **Will there be a demo version soon or later to try this feature?**
    Yes, I hope to have it in the next few days.
    **Is there some kind of CI chroma key on board?**
    Apple has an example of doing chroma key with CI. I've wanted to get this into Isadora, but there just hasn't been time. I'll see what I can do. But also, since Isadora will now support FreeFrameGL, there may be existing FFGL plugins that do chroma key on the GPU. Please take a moment and do a search... maybe you can inform us all about what you find. ;-)
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks mark for all these good news. It seems I should find enough argument to update ;-)
    About Chroma Key, I guess it is not the right post to talk further more but I will keep community inform of my search... On this post for example ;-)

  • Hello Mark and Isadora team and lovers,
    just filled in the form and look forward to start testing! I already asked in the mail form itself  but to be sure I'll post my question here too:

    I work at the Utrecht School of the Arts HKU (Netherlands) and know we purchased 10 licenses for our education and research. These licenses I wish to upgrade all eventually. Because we use these licenses also in an educational setting I might want to upgrade now only half of the licenses to 2.0 for testing in our lab and leave the rest in its stable version for training purposes until you formally release 2.0. Is this possible? Or can we still use the old version parallel to 2.0?

    With regards to the change of culture of the company and the need to ask for money I have to say that I'm actually glad you do because it seems the only way to ensure continued and regular updates and stability. This is essential to compete in a software marked where stability in live performances is essential. So thank you for the consideration for al those in the arts who have to work with small or no budgets, but I still think the proposed fees are very reasonable!

    Also we have at the Media & Performance Laboratory (MAPLAB) started to develop some plugins in the SDK. We certainly hope that we can share our results soon but would love some more documentation and proper update to Izzy 2.0 ;-)

    Again thanks for all the hard work and look forward to the pre-release. I just love Projection mapping and connecting live performance with media.


  • Dear @jorisw,

    Thank you for these thoughts. They are very welcome. We need to take the next step, and I'm doing my very best to take it. I hope that what we have to offer will only further enhance everyone's creative efforts.
    In terms of running the old version and the new side by side, it's possible depending on your licensing scheme. If you use the standard online licenses or USB Key licenses, no problem. If you're running a Sassafras keyserver, then I'm not sure if it is possible.
    Best Wishes,

  • Filled out the form.

    Although its not my daily software of choice as I'm a programer myself and don't need video i do use it for education and some theatre / dance work. Im interested to see the mapping because a previous theatre project did not have the cash in the budget to buy isadora so we used my mac for the show using my mad mapper . Possibly i can convince the company this is what they need ;-)
    Ill upgrade because £60 is cheap in the grand scheme of things and it doesn't matter if you use it a lot.
    I know of companies in the UK that have the same perception of stability - some i have worked with using Isadora for 18 months on major projects and others that use QLAB instead.
    Adding in javascript is a good call - I'm really interested to see the new SDK/API . 
    For me, if i want to use video playback/video effects on the gnu its easier to use Isadora than code using processing and shaders, however once you start to want to blend the two - performance on the machine is critical and this is where i personally have been let down even using top grade mac pro at the time sat on rock solid Snow Leopard. Mavericks has messed a lot with usb webcams especially macam drivers and ps2 cam in Isadora (and other software too so tis not just isolated) so understand the problems with architecture and frameworks changing and the constant battle to ensure what worked yesterday still works today - let alone add new or improve on existing features.
    Look forward to trying it out.

  • ps. What Graham did at Glasto looked mega.

  • Just wanted to add my congratulations and deep thanks for everything Mark and the team are doing and how they are doing it. 1k thanx!