New Stable Release and New Public Beta Pre-release. Please Read carefully.

  • Dear Isadora Community,

    A new public beta pre-release v1.5.3f23 has been made available via the Troikatronix website. v1.5.3f23
    The previous beta release has been upgraded to the current stable release.

    Isadora Users working with the Stable Release v1.30f24 should now update to the new stable release. There are bug fixes and some new features you will enjoy in advance of the major new release v2.0 scheduled for July 31st ... (41 days and counting!)

    **BETA PRE-RELEASE** Existing users who are comfortable experimenting with beta releases can now download 1.5.3f23 and use it "as is". Please note that this is not the much anticipated v2.0 release which is scheduled for release on July 31st, but is going to be useful in the interim for those of you experiencing iSight camera issues and minor bugs due to the Maverick operating system changes, especially on Retina/Air Mac laptops.

    Please read the 'READ ME' information on the download page for useful information about this beta pre-release.

    As we move into this exciting growth period at Isadora, we wish to encourage all of you to use the forum as much as possible to discuss Isadora's new features as they come available.

    Bug reports: If you do experience any issues with the beta pre-release, especially if related to external cameras (there are a huge range of cameras out there in the 'wild'!), please file a bug report as soon as possible via this link.  Select 'Bug Report' from the radio button under 'Topic' and fill out in as much detail as possible. 
    In general, we'd like to encourage beta testers to file a Bug Report if you discover any issues on your particular equipment set up, that a quick forum search doesn't resolve. Our expanded Technical Support Team is happy to correspond with you directly via the support ticketing system.

    Thank you and enjoy!
    Best Regards
    Jamie Griffiths & Ryan Webber
    Isadora Tech Support Team