Help needed with Serial RS232 formatting

  • Hi,
    I am having some trouble formatting the text in the "send serial data" actor to communicate correctly with my RS232 device, a Fairlight CVI. I am using a prolific USB to serial adaptor on Mac OSX and it is all working perfectly.

    The Fairlight serial communicates exclusively in ASCII and I have been able to successfully send simple button press commands from Isadora using messages like:


    (press colorize button)

    But am unable to get any command with additional parameters to communicate correctly. I think this is because I haven't been able to understand the "send serial data" formatting 100%.

    For example, in the Fairlight manual to draw a dot it needs to receive the command:

    @DT 055 100

    Where @DT means draw dot and 055 is the location on the x axis and 100 the location on the y axis.

    I have tried sending the following message from Isadora:

    "@DT" P1 P2

    and also

    "@DT P1:3 P2:3

    With 55 and 100 being sent to parameters 1 and 2 of the send serial data object. These have unfortunately been unsuccessful.

    The Fairlight manual details that the x and y parameters are "3 digit ASCII decimal numbers and must have leading zeroes included"

    So, what would the correct formatting be in Isadora to send such numbers?

  • Tech Staff

    Version of Isadora are you running?
    Have you tried the new monitor window to view the sent data?

    I would also suggest you try sending: "[@DT]( 055 100" forget about the params to start.

  • @DusX There is a tech support ticket for this now. However, I think I have solved it for him. Am waiting to hear back if it works ok with the Fairlight. Incase anyone else is interested, I'll attach the file here too. The point is that he wants to send live data, not just trigger pre-programmed Serial User Actors. So he needs to get the parameters working too.


  • @hinotori
    Any luck with that? I am just curious to know if it works ok?

  • Hi all!

    And many thanks Jamie! I have got it working well very well. By using the monitor window I was able to work out that the best way to format the message in the Send Serial Data actor was like this:
    "@DT " P1:Z3.0 " " P2:Z3.0

    Both of the ASCII spaces seemed to be important.
    Thanks again!

  • Great! Really great!
    Enjoy :)