HELP - Sound Control with a leap motion

  • Hi everyone,
    for my recent piece "New Species" i'm controlling a 3D animation and sound.
    Geco is used to send an OSC message to Izzy when the left and right hand are detected.
    When they are the sent value is 1 or 0 if they're not.
    I used the comparator to look for the 1 value and trigger a eneveloppe generator to increase or decrease the sound.
    As you can see in the attached file.

    the problem i'm having is that the sound keeps playing when no hands are over the sensor.
    Just as if the commands were switch or the change went too fast and pick-up the wrong value.
    I tried to create a "test" sequence to make sure the right value was detected but failed.
    I'm sure it a classic but I haven't found it on the forum yet.

    Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated.

    92a1da-capture-decran-2014-06-25-a-08.04.57.png 700b32-leap-sound.png

  • hi David,
    Your programming looks correct.
    When Geco sends the triggers I am assuming it sends only integers of 1 or 0? You have set for integer in the OSC Listener, which should be fine.

    Do you mean that you want the sound to stop playing when the hand is removed? But Geco doesn't send a zero to stop the sound?  Or do you mean the zero is sent from Geco but Isadora fails to respond to it? If so, where does the trigger process break down? Are you able to watch carefully and see what happens?  It can sometimes help to attach a 'Max Value Hold' and 'Min Value Hold' actor to see if it a number is actually being triggered.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Jamie,
    Yes Geco sends 0 and 1.
    On startup when no hands are detected the Osc value listener is set to 0.
    When the left or the right hand are detected Geco send a "presence" value of 1.
    But sometimes, pretty randomly, izzy keeps playing the sound even if the value sent by Geco returns to 0.
    I have to then place my hand over the leap motion to run another detection cycle to stop the sound.
    IN the stream tab in Izzy it seems only 0 and 1 are sent more precisely 0.0 and 1.0
    What do you mean by "where does the trigger process break down?"
    Here's an attached file of the stream setup info.
    I'll add 'Max Value Hold' and 'Min Value Hold' actor to see what is being triggered.

    Thank you
    Have a good day.


  • Dear @David,

    It would be good to look in the Monitor Window (choose **Window > Show Monitor**) to see the exact OSC messages that are being received by Isadora. If you post the results of what you see here, we can analyze it together.
    But the main point is this: is the volume 0 and you then still hear the sound? If that's happening it's an Isadora bug. But if the volume input is responding correctly, then it probably has something to do with an unexpected sequence of messages being sent by the Leap Motion.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @mark,

    thank you so much for answering.
    Please find enclosed an image of my Monitor window.
    I only kept activated the "hand presence" information coming from Geco.
    It seems a bit to advance for me at this time.

    Further tests are on the way shortly to answer the second question.

    Best Wishes,


  • Dear @David,

    Yep, it's a 1 then a 0, four times. ("00 00 00 00" at the end of the message is 0, "3F 80 00 00" is a 1).
    So it would seem that the Leap Motion messages are as expected.
    Could it be that you are triggering the off before the 3 second duration of the on is finished? If this is the case, both Envelope Generators would be sending values at the same time. You cannot predict the results in this case, since two streams of numbers are both being sent to the volume input.
    Try this: connect the value output of the OSC Listener to a Smoother actor. Set the 'smoothing' input to .95\. Then click on the words 'value out' on the right side of the Smoother actor to show the inspector. Set the Limit Min to 0 and the Limit Max to 1\. Then connect the 'value out' output to the 'volume' input of the Movie Player. (Disconnect the Envelope Generators.) See if this reliably ramps up and down when the value transitions to 1 and 0.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @mark @primaldivine,
    thank you soo much for your explinations and solution.
    It's working great.
    I still can't believe how simple the programing is!

    Can't wait for the new version of Izzy
    Thanx again.


  • Dear @David
    Great that it is working better now.  Nice work with the animations!
    It's one skill to know how to build it, but quite another to build something artistic and conceptually challenging as well.  Keep up the great ideas! Its great to see skills and creativity weave into Digital Art!

  • Thank you @primaldivine,
    meeting you and attending your workshop was a great eye opener!