Open directly isadora when you don't have the hardware key

  • Hi,
    I'd like to run isadora for a installation by juste turn on the computer but I have the message "isa will operate in demo mode because the hardware key could not be found".
    So I have to clic OK to run isadora so the show doesn't run directly because of this message .
    I have just one key that I can't leave on this computeur .
    Can someone help me  ? ?
    Thank's very mutch

  • which version of Isadora are you using?

  • Dear @christophe,

    Just install the non-USB key version and have that be the version that runs when you start up the computer. It does not display any warning if there is no license.
    This knowledge base article may also be helpful if you want both the USB key and standard (non-USB Key) version installed:
    Best Wishes,

  • Jamy,I'm running 1.3.0f 24 usb

    Thank's mark, i'll try the non-usb key version on the other computer and If I have changes to do, I do the change with my key version on my computer or the other  and then run with the non usb key version  . Am I right ?

  • @christophe yes that's right. Work on your licensed machine and transfer the file to the other machine for the installation, which you run on a non-usb standard demo version of the software. It should launch the file without the demo version alert.

    FYI, you can now update to the newer stable version of Isadora, when you have time. It replaces 1.30f24
    Available here:  v1.3.10f6

  • I've used Automator to handle this with keystroke recording. It's part of the OS, and not that hard to learn, and useful for many things in installations. You can record actions, save them as an application, and put that application as one of the startup items.