• Anyone know how to use Habers actors.  I have them installed in the FF directory, but they crash Izzy every time I try to open them.  Would really like to use the corner pin for a project this next week!  Thanks

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    The actors are not loaded as FreeFrame files. 
    You could add them to your Global User Actor directory, or the menu option "Actors" -> "Place User Actor" to select the user actor from any folder on your machine and insert it into your patch.

  • Thanks so much!

  • I have another silly question.  I did this for a project a few years ago, but can't remember exactly how I did it.. when I pull it up, i used a simple 3d quad distort to get the projection to fill up a hallway with the projector on the floor... I'm working with a much lower quality projector but need to re-create the filling up of the entire projection space with a short distance between the projector and the large rectangular surface I'm trying to fill.  Any suggestions...?  Or perhaps the corner pin is the solution, I'm just not using it correctly.  I can fill the stage, but the projection space is larger than that... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    the maximum area you can project via a projector is that stage. It sounds to me like you may need to get inventive to redirect the projectors light to a wider area of the space..

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    1. Please check the "3D Quad Distort" settings, the default setting of the "z translate" is -2.5 set it to -2 to fill the screen.
    2. In general it is that the signal of the computer doesn't fill the complete space the projector would allow, this happens if you don't use the projectors native resolution. Try to find out what the native resolution of the projector is and set your computer to that.
    3. Depending on your connection you sometimes have the option in your display settings to adjust the underscan or overscan, please check this on your computer when the projector is connected.


  • Great.  Will do both suggestions. Thanks so much.  I may end up having to hang it to be out of the way of the shin busters in the path of light.