• Hello Everyone!

    I have just updated my current usb license to a usb version due to work requirements - having an izzy license on the go is going to be invaluable!  However, I am having a huge amount of difficulty installing the usb driver......I get an error message saying 'the software cannot be installed on this computer' - i have no idea why?? Any help would be much appreciated!  The usb have just arrived to me in the UK this weekend, as was very much hoping to get everything installed to use this week.  I am currently running the latest version of Isadora absolutely fine and recently downloaded the pre-release to experiment with.  My current macbook pro spec is as follows:
    2.7GHz Intel Core i7 | 16 GB ram | OX 10.9.3 |NVIDIA GeForce 650m 1024 MB
    Please let me know if you require any further information to help me with this!  
    Thank you all in advance!
  • Izzy Guru

    Try downloading the newest driver from HERE, scroll down the page and click I Accept.


  • @Michel
    @londoneye82 succeeeded with that newer driver.
    Do you have any additional info about it? Or experience using it with different OS?  Sentinel don't list compatible OS's on their site. Only one version each for either Mac or Windows.

  • Izzy Guru

    I can imagine that the company just updates their driver to be complatible with the newest OS's out their and still support old ones within the same driver.


  • After downloading installer, the Read Me file says 10.6+

  • Hi Michel.
    Maybe you could put a note by your link above that that link is for users 10.6+ only.
    The current download link on the Troika website works fine up to 10.7 so there is a bit of overlap of the two versions, but USB license holders on 10.8 or 10.9 should use the newer bug-fixed driver.

  • Hello - sorry for the delay getting back to you all about this!  The exact name of the driver I installed was called:

    Sentinel Hasp/LDK Mac OS X Run-time GUI
    This seems a different to driver suggestion by @michel above?  Having installed the GUI driver all seems to be working fine in Isadora both current version and the new pre-release. 
    Do you think I need to change the driver?
    My system spec is as follows:
    2.7GHz Intel Core i7 | 16 GB ram | OX 10.9.3 |NVIDIA GeForce 650m 1024 MB
    (n/b  10.9.3 update to my machine as cause various other minor cliches with other softwares....not sure if this has anything to do with driver issues etc too.)
    Thanks everyone for your help!

  • @londoneye82
    There is no need to change anything else. If the HASP driver you used is working correctly, then that is fine, for Isadora.
    You mention some glitches with other softwares, but they could be related to many other things. If any of these glitches are repeatable repeatable bugs that are relevant to doing your designs, it may be worth mentioning them here in more detail, since others may also have been affected and found solutions or workarounds.